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Asia river cruises

With so much to see in Asia it can be a challenge to scratch the surface of this diverse continent in one trip, particularly when a lot of it is spent in airports to enable large distances to be covered. Travel Indochina’s river cruising is the answer: soak up the culture, sites and scenery as you travel! We’ve been exploring Asia by boat since 1993: our expertise is unrivalled. And cruising does not mean compromising. On the contrary, our tastefully designed luxury cruise boats are like floating boutique hotels, with exceptional service, outstanding cuisine, spacious cabins, swimming pools, and even spas.

Asia is criss-crossed with many of the world’s major rivers; boats are the ideal and authentic mode of transport. These rivers are the ancient lifeblood of the societies and cultures that have developed on their banks. Many of Asia’s highlights are best accessed by boat: the Yangtze’s Three Gorges in China, Vietnam’s lush Mekong delta, the 4,000 Islands of Laos. Step ashore to experience the vibrancy and colour of Asia’s local life, knowing that the comfort and service of your elite cruise boat awaits you at the riverbank. Even while on-board you can watch the world go by from the seclusion of your private balcony.

Small boat river cruising

Over the past 10 years we have seen a new generation of experiential small boat river cruising emerge. On the Mekong Travel Indochina have been leaders in offering boutique and luxury cruising experiences aboard The Jahan and The Jayavarman. In neighbouring Laos our range of river cruises encompass small boat cruising through the upper stretches of the Mekong right down to the 4,000 islands of southern and unforgettable deluxe journeys through little-visited Burma.

Private balconies

Every cabin on most river cruises in Vietnam, Cambodia and China offer a private balcony. On smaller boats like The Jahan and The Jayavarman, these are positioned for a truly intimate experience.

Peace of mind: offices in Oxford and Asia

Our Asia specialists here in the UK have undertaken research trips on most of Asia’s most iconic waterways, from the Yangtze in China to luxury cruising on The Jahan and The Jayavarman between Vietnam and Cambodia. Unlike most holiday companies we also have operations offices across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. We’re also 100% ATOL and ABTA bonded.

20 Years of experience

Travel Indochina started in Vietnam with passion for discovering new experiences and sharing our knowledge and love of this iconic country. Since then we have grown to cover over 11 destinations in Asia.

At Travel Indochina we could generally be categorized as ‘non cruise’ types. However, over the past 20 years we have discovered that river cruising is one of the finest ways to experience the highlights as well as the little-visited regions of Asia in comfort or style.

Getting off the beaten path:

River cruising through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China and Burma is one of the best ways to experience each country away from the crowds and regions of Asia that are inaccessible by land.

Private balcony:

Especially so on The Mekong aboard The Jahan and The Jayavarman, a private balcony offers a literal window into the passing landscapes and communities.

Join like-minded travellers:

On each river cruise you can look forward to meeting and enjoying the company of other travellers with shared interests that include exploring the culture and scenery of Asia.

A leisurely pace:

Each cruise ship we use is built for comfort and relaxation, and our itineraries are no different. Whether it is a slow boat up the Mekong through Laos or cruise between Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Saigon, our itineraries are balanced so as to allow ample free time alongside well-paced shore excursions that cover all the highlights.

Comfort or luxury:

Ships like The Jahan and The Jayavarman deliver characterful luxury and levels of service not found anywhere else in Indochina. Even in the upper stretches of The Mekong in Laos and the iconic Yangtze in China, you can look forward to excellent service standards and comfort.