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Mongolia Holidays

Enter a rugged wilderness inhabited by nomads

Nomadic herders still roam the vast plains of the Gobi Desert as they’ve done for centuries. Meet them on an unforgettable Mongolia holiday.

As you’ll discover when you head out into the inhospitable Gobi Desert, Mongolia is a country that has a sense of true isolation about it. Its remoteness is all part of the appeal, as are the nomadic herders who still cling to a traditional way of life that’s remained largely unchanged with the passing of the centuries.

Mongolia is known as the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky, because it famously enjoys 250 sunny days a year. You’ll still need to wrap up warm, though: with an average temperature of -1.3 degrees, the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar is the world’s coldest.

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mongolia highlights

  • Travel the Trans-Mongolian Railway

    A train journey past the Great Wall of China and into the endless skies and vast grasslands of Mongolia is an epic experience.

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  • Naadam festival

    Mongolia’s biggest festival, this annual celebration held mid-summer sees residents gathering around the country to participate in Mongolian Wrestling, horse racing and archery competitions. The most people gather in the capital, but joining the excitement in rural Mongolia gets you much closer to the action.

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  • Meet nomadic families

    The nomadic families of Mongolia still live in Gers, moving their families and small herds throughout the year for the best grazing and conditions. Learn more about this traditional lifestyle when you meet friendly nomadic families that welcome you warmly into their homes.

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  • Stay in a ger camp

    Sleep in nomadic-style felt tents with wooden frames in rural Mongolia for an authentic experience of local life.

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  • Ulaanbaatar

    Visit Ulaanbaatar a curious mix of the old and new where the population have embraced Western modernisation while keeping Mongolia’s culture and traditions alive.

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  • Discover the wildlife around Lake Khuvsgul

    Stretching into the Siberian Taiga, this huge lake and its surrounds form a popular national park, home to ibex, argali sheep, sable, bear, moose and wolverines.

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  • Hike or ride a horse to Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur

    This extinct volcanic crater is known as the great white lake, and is surrounded by volcanic rock and grassy slopes.

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  • Visit the Erdene Zuu Monastery near Karakorum

    Mongolia’s first Buddhist centre, Erdene Zuu has been constructed using the stones of the ruined capital of Karakorum nearby.

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  • Ride a camel in Mongol Els

    The sand dunes of Mongol Els provide the perfect location for a camel ride, surrounded by grasslands with mountains in the distance.

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  • Spot wild horses in Khustai National Park

    Khustai National Park is home to Takhi, the endangered Mongolian wild horse, where a local project is working to protect and reintroduce the Takhi to keep Mongolia’s ancient traditions alive.

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