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Specialist small group tours

Enjoy all Asia has to offer while focussing on one of your favourite activities: the perfect combination!

Let your mode of transport be an integral part of your Asia experience: ride the world’s highest passenger railroad on the Sky Train across the 4,000m Tibetan plateau, or shoot around Japan at 200mph aboard the iconic Shinkansen ‘bullet train.’ Cook and eat your way through Vietnam, Cambodia or China, where the art of preparing and consuming food is the backbone of society: soak up culture through cuisine on a culinary adventure.

A cycling tour, suitable for all abilities, allows you to truly immerse in your surroundings while getting active. Savour the thrill of spotting an endangered freshwater Irrawaddy dolphin in Cambodia, or a Pheasant-tailed Jacana among thriving birdlife in Kerala’s backwaters, and many more rare animals on a wildlife tour.