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Bhutan Holidays

Journey to a Himalayan mountain kingdom

As you’ll discover on a Bhutan holiday, snow-capped Himalayan backdrops only add to the magic of this mysterious mountain kingdom.

Bhutan’s epithet, Land of the Thunder Dragon, may be a reference to its branch of Buddhism, but it paints a compelling picture of a mysterious and exotic land. Defined by snowy Himalayan peaks, it’s easy to imagine why this mountainous kingdom is a place where the legend of the yeti lives on.

The only country in the world to measure its own prosperity by how happy its population is, Bhutan isn’t afraid to do things differently. Journey to Bhutan and witness ancient traditions preserved as they’ve been for centuries. Discover sweeping Himalayan backdrops, meet friendly locals and see enigmatic monasteries clinging improbably to steep valley sides.

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bhutan highlights

  • Attend a traditional festival

    Bhutan’s religious festivals are alive with colour and atmosphere as locals gather to dance, pray, celebrate and socialise. 

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  • Climb to Tiger’s Nest near Paro

    Ascend the path to Taktsang Goemba, known as the ‘Tiger’s Nest’ monastery. This cliff-side monastery perched high above the Paro Valley is Bhutan’s most famous and the trek is richly rewarded with spectacular views and a historic temple complex.

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  • Discover the dzongs

    First built in the 12th century, dzongs have played an important part in the history of Bhutan, originally used as monasteries, they later became defensive positions as well as being used for religious and cultural activities. Dzongs have also stored national treasures, books and records, as well as weapons. These days they house local government offices and host important ceremonies.

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  • Sweeping views of Himalayas

    As you travel through mountain passes like the Dochu La, incredible mountain vistas unfold revealing the mountain valleys and forested peaks.

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  • Thimpu

    Explore one of Asia's most unusual capitals, Thimpu, still dominated by traditional architecture and ringed by pine-covered hills.

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  • See an archery competition

    Archery is Bhutan’s national sport and the skills on display at an archery competition are as amazing as the fine costumes. 

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  • Natural environment

    Be entranced by the ever-changing mountain valleys and forested peaks as you travel one of Asia's most natural environments.

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  • Colourful weekend market in Thimpu

    Wander the stalls of the colourful weekend farmers’ market in Thimpu, with local produce and incense on one side, and handicrafts across the small footbridge.

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  • Ancient culture

    Be immersed in one of Asia's most devout and isolated ancient cultures.

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  • Walk through welcoming villages

    Setting off on foot down cobbled lanes, pass white-washed houses where locals go about their daily activities much as they have for decades.

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