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Japan Holidays

Where the past meets the future

On a Japan holiday, discover a country where ancient temples sit side-by-side with towering skyscrapers, and where cherry blossom is as celebrated as cutting edge inventions.

It would be hard to imagine a more futuristic country than Japan; it’s at the forefront of technological development, as the neon-lit electronics quarter of Tokyo so ably demonstrates. But it’s also a deeply traditional country that’s rightly proud of its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Speeding through the Japanese countryside on a gleaming white bullet train, you might catch a glimpse of ‘Fuji-san’ - the beautifully symmetrical volcanic peak that, for many, symbolises this island nation. Whether you’re hopping across stepping stones in the garden of a tranquil temple, wandering through herds of sacred deer, or watching traders at work in the world’s biggest fish market, you’ll never be short of new experiences on a Japan holiday.

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japan highlights

  • Stay in a tatami mat room in a ryokan

    This historic style of Japanese Inn originated in the Edo Period and is an insight into local culture. Many ryokans have an onsen, or hot spring, on site and offer traditional multi-course dining called kaiseki.

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  • See Mount Fuji from Hakone

    Perhaps Japan’s most iconic sights, Mount Fuji can be seen from Tokyo on a clear day, but travelling a couple of hours to Hakone allows travellers to enjoy the mountain views surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery and hot springs, as well as a variety of options for viewing the mountain itself, such as a cruise on Lake Ashi-no.

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  • Meet a maiko in Kyoto

    An exclusive Maiko dinner and performance in Kyoto gives you a unique opportunity to learn about the life of an apprentice Geisha.

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  • Wander old-world towns in the Kiso Valley

    Travel back in time and soak up the old-world atmosphere of the Kiso Valley. Wander the villages of Magome and Tsumago or explore World Heritage-listed Shirakawago, dotted with traditional thatch-roof homes.

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  • Tsukiji fish markets in Tokyo

    The fish market in Tokyo is the largest in the world, and it is well worth rising early to explore the markets as they bustle with local trade, before a sushi breakfast as fresh as they come.

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  • Spot a geisha in Kyoto or Kanazawa

    Spot a beautiful Geisha steal through Kyoto's atmospheric Gion district in the quiet of dusk or visit the old Geisha Quarters of Hagashi Street and Nomura-ke House in the samurai district of Kanazawa.

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  • Visit the snow monkeys

    When the snow begins to fall, the macaques of Yudanaka jump into the natural hot springs to keep warm. Watch them frolic in the pools as the steaming water melts the sprinkling of snow from their winter coats.

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  • Race through the countryside on a bullet train

    Rail in Japan is reasonably priced, fast and extremely reliable, and a trip on one of the high-speed bullet trains is not only a convenient form of transport but an exciting experience.

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  • Discover Japanese cuisine

    The Japanese passion for food means meticulously-prepared dishes are an art form in themselves. Produce is both seasonal and regional, and culinary tourism is popular with both local and international guests. Get your hands on some of the huge variety of typically Japanese dishes and taste it for yourself.

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  • Take part in a tea ceremony in Kanazawa or Kyoto

    A renowned part of Japanese culture, take part in a traditional Tea Ceremony in Kyoto or Kanazawa.

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